166_ Urban Restructuring in the City of Kiev

Urban Restructuring for the City of Kiev - Competition
Urban Restructuring in the City of Kiev

The City of Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

Design: Alejandro Santander, Aarón Gutiérrez Cortes, Esteban Olea, Alex Rojas, Diego Colinas, Braulio Lozano, Omar Castell
Development: Jackie Perez Castro, Julia Cerrud, Alfonso Maceira, Miguel Lizarraga, Mario Saenz, Alina Castañeda, Mariana Villegas
Collaboration: Hadi el Abiad, Max Macilwee, Carla Wijaya, Georgina Muñoz, Mark Clowdus

Project Description
Urban Landscape in kyiv for EURO 2012
International Architecture / Landscape Urbanism Competition

Project Log
Our proposal focuses on delineating strategies rather than imposing formal gestures. We searched for seemingly adverse specific situations that could be highlighted and utilized to pin-point the location of flexible surfaces.

The River is not ready for 2012

When selecting a site that would be the most effective to successfully achieve the goals “within the framework of preparation for the European Football Championship Finals in 2012 and to outline the general principles of the future improvement of the area” we were immediately drawn to The Edge. However; further search of the specific urban condition revealed that the edge is a sort of “urban zipper”. At the moment it is unzipped and most of its parts are losely disconnected. Presently, it would be impossible to successfully address the current situation of the edge because of three main barriers.

These barriers prevent the integration of a region and a city.

The Three Barriers

The Slopes- a natural topography that served historically as protection.
Neberezhne Highway- a Soviet era highway.
Dnieper Embankment

What if we shrink the car?

Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166e - Kiev - EURO2012  Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166d - Kiev - EURO2012 
Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166c - Kiev - EURO2012  Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166d - Kiev - EURO2012 
Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166g - Kiev - EURO2012 Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166i - Kiev - EURO2012 

In the near future cars will cease to exist as they are presently known. The car will morph into small compact transportation units or pods; often not even operated by humans.
Public transportation will be more common. Bycicles will be widely utilized again.
So why design around a defunct soviet era highway that is taking away a vast park area and at the same time is a tremendous barrier?
Traffic can be re-routed efficiently to the outer ring highways under construction that require only 3 to 4 extra miles to travel from south to north and vice-versa.
To successfully integrate the city these three barriers must be removed. Not covered but, in certain areas, completely removed.

Why not allow the river to be?


Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166k - Kiev - EURO2012

Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166l - Kiev - EURO2012

The Dnieper Enbankment is a by-product of the Neberezhne Highway.
A precipice like barrier that completely defranchises the public from the river edge.

Why not celebrate the slopes?

Presently the slopes are disjuncted from the river and the upper city.

Flexible surfaces…
The solution is to not simply cut and transverse from the city to the river but to utilize the present breaks of the edge to lay “urban receptors”
These receptors attract, listen and adapt…
The edge unites; it acts like an urban zipper…the edge must be developed as a region; this region unites not only the immediate competition area, and all its cultural, academic and tourist points but more importantly the old city with the slopes and the river with the slopes. The edge must be highlighted, raised and celebrated. The edge will become important for pedestrian circulation, connecting the city from south to north, but most importantly from east to west; while providing an amazing raised platform to enjoy the incredible views of the City of Kiev. The Edge will have a covered path on ground level and a continous platform raised slightly up to 5 meters. This way the edge will not be an imposition on the landscape and it will flow between the trees.
Flickering lights will change according to the intesity of traffic.
The edge unites a park, a region, a city.


Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166m - Kiev - EURO2012

Kontraktova Square and Andriyivsky Descent

Why did we choose Kontraktova and Andriyivsky Descent?

Plot #3 is the only plot that effectively disperses visitors from the Olympic Stadium to the widest amount of city landmarks. In order to reach Kontraktova visitors transverse from the Olympic Stadium to the Fan Zone next to Independence Square, Independence Square, St. Sophia and St. Micheal, St. Andrew down Andriyivsky Descent and into Kontraktova Square and a direct natural flow to the near-by riverside.

Andriyivsky Descent.

The present situation of the descent calls for the renewal and restoration of its buildings. Furthermore the issue of street vendors must be addressed. Street vendors will be designated areas in which to operate. The street will be closed completely to automobile traffic.

Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166r - Kiev - EURO2012 

Kontraktova Square.

At present the square is completely over run by automobiles, trams and buses.
We propose to convert the whole square into a pedestrian zone. Mass transit will be situated north of the square. The square will be replaced by a open flexible open space that will be host to a wide variety of events. University students will flood the square along with artists being housed in the nearby proposed cultural building. Bankers and business men will enjoy this space during their outings from their nearby offices. Residents will have a space to converge and enjoy their time off.

What will be the impact of the Eurocup 2012 on Kiev?

In order to celebrate the furor of the Eurocup 2012 a bright temporary “urban surface” is proposed on our site. This multi-colored surface will welcome visitors to Andriyivsky Descent and guide them down to Kontraktova Square.


Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166n - Kiev - EURO2012 


The temporary surface will leave an “urban tattoo” implanted into the paving of the street. The bright coloring of flowers and grasses will remind city dwellers of the Eurocup 2012 will be relived during the spring and summer months.

Existing trees will remain. This will be a city square, garden that will respond to each specific season; differently every year. For example if a patchy grass area is needed somewhere else then the infrastructure makes it viable for plant growth to occur in that certain area. People and situations year after year will define how they wish to utilize the square.


Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166p - Kiev - EURO2012 Amorphica / Estudio Santander - 0166q - Kiev - EURO2012