220_ Urban Parasol Paris

Urban Parasol

LLGA / CityMart / Paris Region Lab / Paris Ile de France

Paris, France

Design: Aaron Gutierrez, Julia Cerrud, Georgina Muñoz, Roberto Gutierrez, Andres Amezcua 
Excecutive/Administrative/Development: Leemor Chandally, Julia Cerrud
Collaboration: Francisco Duran Angulo, Guillermo Virgen, Eduardo Guizar, Oscar Ruiz Griego, Francisco Sandoval,
Phase Design Development

Project Description
Urban Parasol is an innovative urban structure that offers sustainable solutions for Urban Spaces

Project Log
The Urban Parasol is an innovative street furniture device designed to reactivate and improve urban spaces by increasing the level of comfort and safety in these underused areas in an interactive and reactive manner as it is able to evolve and adapt to environmental and limatic changes while promoting peaceful coexistence and increasing security of public spaces to facilitate activity near the parasol during almost 24 hours of the day.

By installing an Urban Parasol it is possible to regenerate empty public spaces and stimulate economic and social growth of remnant areas through heating / ventilating / lighting and otherwise better acclimating spaces in an energy efficient way.

The Urban Parasol is designed to suit the various needs of users of an urban outdoor space. It can be easily affixed to existing street furniture such as bus shelters, utility poles, as well as standalone applications to achieve better city living experience: waiting time at a bus stop during the winter. By providing a warm atmosphere and a semi – enclosed structure with a self-sufficient space, the Urban Parasol provides a sustainable alternative to various types of street furniture such as outdoor heaters, luminaires, etc. It’s virtual interactive features were designed to create a physical social network, which by encouraging social interactions between users of the parasols in various places, and thus allow cities to collect data from users which in time can be used to improve public safety and public spaces in cities.

The urban parasol in in the process of design and development. These images are pre competition, come back soon for new images of the mos recent design.


202 Urban Parasol - Features

202 Urban Parasol - Paris Cafe Scenario 202 Urban Parasol - Transit scenario

202 Urban Parasol - Possibilities