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The Open Hardware, Oil Spill Cleanining Sailing Robots.


New Orleans, Louisiana

Protei Core Team: Cesar Harada, Piem Wirtz, Boris Debackere, Etienne Gernez, Qiuyang Zhou, Roberto Melendez
Amorphica Design Team: Julia CerrudAaron Gutiérrez Cortes, Ivan ZepedaMario Saens
Collaborators: Sebastian Muellauer, Sebastian Neitsch, Henrik Rudstrøm, Jiskar Schmitz
Data Analyst and Visualization: Sey Min, Kasia Molga, Bianca Chen Costanzo
Communication: Joris van BallegooijenPinar TemizJessica RohloffHunter DanielLi YuCarla Colet CastanoOllie PalmerOllie PalmerYoko Kasai
Engineering / Design: Kisoon Olm 엄기순Sunghun, Jieun Yoo, Tyler Survant, Joshua Updyke, Logan Williams, Antonio Fernandes, Kiran Gangadharan, Dooho Yi, Leon Spek, Steven Jouwerma, Phillipe Carrez, Alain Dinis

Research / Design

Project Description
Protei is a fleet of Sailing Drones, developed primarily to collect Oil Spills under Open Hardware licensing by Open_Sailingrandomwalks,  V2_ and Amorphica

Project Log

Current oil spill skimming technology could only collect 3% of the DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The health of workers was exposed to cancerous toxic, the boats were expensive and pollutive to operate, they could not operate in bad weather (hurricane seaon) they could not operate at night or far away.

Protei is a technology currently in development that will provide
– Unmanned, no human exposed to toxic.
– Green and cheap, sailing upwind capturing oil downwind.
– Self-righting, rugged, can operate in hurricane time.
– Semi-autonomous: can swarm continuously and far away.

The research process is iterative and collaborative, version after version we are improving the design and the functionality :
– Test-000 : Preliminary test
– Protei-001 : front steering, RC
– Protei-002 : articulated sailboat, RC
– Protei-003 : articulated inflated sailboat
– Protei-004 : swarm for display
– Protei-005 : on-board control, with Arduino
Protei-006 : contribute


Amorphica Design Research Office joined Protei to design Version 6 and beyond. Here are some images and animations of our version.

IMG_0430 IMG_0432 IMG_0433

002-protei 001-protei


esqueleto003 esqueleto002

Protei takes sail boat principles, applying them to a new sail-ship form that will be constantly improving and evolving due to the open source nature of the project. We are attracted to the idea of using soda bottles as the ship’s body for several reasons:
a] they are readily available all around the world
b] soda bottles almost always float, except if they become heavily flooded or damaged
c] constructing the ship’s body out of soda bottles would make it so that if one bottle becomes damaged or flooded, there will stil be several other bottles acting as air chambers keeping protei afloat.

006 copy 002 copy

005 copy

Protei V6 is made of plastic bottlestopped by mylar and a bone structure that is flexible and durable. The idea behind the masts lies in the Plastiki model of recycled plastics turned into a cloth that is great for sailing purposes. The center compartement of this Protei will house the mechanism to be able to be controlled from afar. More information on the development of Protei will upload constantly, come back soon!

esqueleto007 esqueleto006

Amorphica for Protei from amorphica on Vimeo.

For more information on how you can get involved, please visit Protei.org