Praxis / Projects

The San Ysidro Kiosk is a transportable vehicle that becomes a full retail store kiosk when set in it's place

This Master Plan for The Centro Cultural Mirador was commissioned by an agent for the the Cultural Event Entijuanarte

Urban Parasol is an innovative urban structure that offers sustainable solutions for Urban Spaces

Density and traffic study on the categorization, analysis and determination of key locations.

A responsive house for a beautiful familiy.

The Gates is a 15,000 Square Foot house located in a gated area of Chula Vista.

Universidad Iberoamericana Main Lecture Hall [ Aula Magna ]

Universidad Iberoamericana Open Landscape

A collaborative project with the Universidad Iberoamericana about opennes and regeneratoin of space.

The Facade Improvement Program for The City of Tijuana is a current project for the municipality.

The Escalinata Altamira is an Urban Regeneration of Historical Public Space

Experimental Satellite Launch Workshop bringing images and data from Near Space

GdO Parametric Furniture Fabrication and design for retail, commercial, institutional and residential projects

The Tijuana Innovadora Fabrication & Installation project was an art project designed by Cardinal 5 and Developed and fabricated by Amorphica

Studying the idea of developing private zones with the basics: bringing back life to the streets.

The Adaptive Reuse Furniture project deals with up-cycling materials implementing advanced technologies to fabricate contemporary furniture

Ephimeral Structure Installation under the Highline Park in the Community of Chelsea, New York City.

Reactive Self-Organizing Subsystems: Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre.

Urban Restructuring in the City of Kiev - In collaboration with Estudio Santander

Protei is a fleet of Sailing Drones, developed primarily to collect Oil Spills.


The revitalization of a 1940's Movie Theater to become a multi-meaningful hyperspace.

inSite_05 was an information structure developed for a binational art Festival